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Seamlessly Integrate with Curriculum

Each subject-specific resource in Gale In Context student databases uses eye-catching topic overview pages to bring together nonfiction materials in all digital formats. Users can read or watch to get the facts with articles, videos, charts, images and infographics, and more. The content within these collections is designed to support visual and auditory learning in addition to national and state curriculum standards.

Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners

With on-demand text and voice translation into over 30 languages and high levels of accessibility for those with disabilities such as low vision or blindness, Gale In Context student resources meet the needs of some of the most diverse populations. Plus, search functions assist readers by Lexile range and guide users to find content at five levels of complexity, based on Lexile range.

Make Collaboration Easy

Users can easily access G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365 tools to share, save, and download content—extending the reach of resources outside the library and classroom.

Plan for Student and Educator Success

Classroom teachers and school librarians continuously collaborate to ensure students successfully meet learning objectives. Give educators a better way to approach lesson planning with curriculum-aligned content and instructional materials sourced from Gale In Context student databases.

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